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What is i-Cue?

i-Cue is a unique combination of Telecare and Smart House technologies that involves almost all aspects of the home environment. It provides direct support for the resident and facilitates the provision of support services.

By combining technologies for sensing, analysis, control and communications it can support people with a wide range of needs and help them remain independent.


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i-Cue… Why Dynamic Support?

The system takes inputs from a wide variety of sensors and analyses them. It will take into account the context of the events, either in terms of what is happening at that time or has happened in the past. Based on its analysis of these inputs it will then react in the most appropriate way for that situation...

Hence Dynamic...




i-Cue… How it works 

The i-Cue SmartCore processor handles processing, analysis and communications. Hardware components and software are added to create functional modules which combine sensing, control, communications and user interfaces.

The i-cue system is built on an "open architecture" platform, enabling the product to be easily customised to each client's particular need. This customisation is based around a range of Modules and Supporting Technology. A specific list of each of which can be accessed below.


Control Modules

Supporting solutions



“Independence Through Innovation”