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AbleLink's Mobile Discovery Desktop

Is an ideal tool for people who struggle with the inherent complexity of PDAs. It sits "on top" of the traditional Windows Pocket PC desktop and provides a simplified interface for accessing programs. On screen buttons can be created for any application on the PDA, complete with pictures and audio messages to help users identify different programs.








Schedule Assistant

Is a multimedia scheduling application for individuals with significant Learning Difficulties that prohibit the effective use of mainstream text based scheduling systems. Any number of events or appointments can be entered into the system by recording an audio message and designating the day(s) and times for the message to activate. A relevant digital picture or icon can also be displayed when the message displays. The combination of time based audio messages and picture cues are ideal for meeting transport schedules, medication reminders, taking work breaks, maintaining classroom schedules or morning routines and more! Schedule assistant can be closely integrated with AbleLinks Mobile Discovery Desktop.





Visual Assistant

Provides powerful task prompting support by including digital pictures along with custom recorded audio messages to provide step by step instructional support. This allows caregivers to set up instructional tasks by recording instructions and incorporating pictures of each step-preferably of the user performing the step in the real world environment - to provide multi-modal cues for task prompting. Visual assistant is ideal for more complex or detail tasks where the addition of a picture can increase accuracy. The software includes three simplified play back modes to access step-by-step instructions; Play Only, Play/ Done and To Do List.







Pocket Coach

This solution is perfect for individuals who need verbal prompting only; with Pocket Coach, you can record a series of personalized step-by-step audio instructions for virtually any educational, vocational or independent living task. Users then use one of three interfaces to play back instructions: by tapping a single Play button consecutively; by using the Play/Done mode to indicate step completion: or the To Do List mode for non-sequential tasks. Pocket Coach is ideal for community situations to smoothly fade the assistance of a job coach or independent living instructor.







Pocket ACE

Mobile phones are often too difficult to use by persons with cognitive disabilities. Pocket ACE has been specifically developed after years of research for those who cannot use standard mobile phones. Custom images/audio eliminates reliance on text and numbers.





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