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Ablelink is a suite of software programmes which provide person-centred cognitive support solutions for individuals with a range of abilities. Each of the programmes offered extends a persons naturally ability and enables them to access technology for greater independence and freedom.

AbleLink Research & Development has continued to build on the findings of the Cognitive Innovation Labs to begin the process of applying technology solutions to real-world barriers. Contrary to common practices, AbleLink understands that "technology" isn't the solution rather it is the conduit by which solutions can be built and delivered.

AbleLink researchers have conducted over 20 research and development projects over the past 10 years, all designed to provide technology tools for increased independence for people with Learning Difficulties. During this time they have collaborated with entities such as the US Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, the Beach Centre on Disabilities at the University of Kansas, the ARC of the United States and the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.


Hand Held Solutions In addition to being portable, powerful and customisable to each user, handheld solutions utilise off the shelf hardware and therefore carry no social stigma for the user. Caregivers can easily create schedules for their users that utilise custom pictures and audio to prompt a specific activity. Additionally, the schedule prompt, can trigger a custom, step by step instructional media task directing the individual through an unlimited number of steps to accomplish the specific goal.

Demo - Click on this link for a demonstration of how cognitive support technology can help you.

Desktop Solutions These run on standard desktop computers and include accessible email, web browsing, schedule prompting, task prompting and customised training. Individuals with a Learning Difficulty, should be able to use a computer the same as everyone else.



“Independence Through Innovation”