Home Physical Disability
Halliday James products can help in many areas of physical disability....

People with visual impairment find the voice menus of the i-Cue Dynamic Support Environment invaluable. i-Cue is a unique mix of Telecare and Smart House technologies which monitors activity around the house and analyses it to detect adverse situations. It can also provide additional security and safety features and can be retrofitted into any house. It's extensive environmental control and information functions can be accessed from a keypad or phone. A menu of all the options for controlling the system and appliances around the home are read out and can be selected by pressing the appropriate key on the pad or phone. Where an appliance is being controlled its current state is announced or the temperature in the room can be given.

Users can easily check if any doors or windows are open, or speak to someone at the door through the house phone.

The AbleLink Schedulers can provide spoken reminders of appointments or other events, these can be one off or recurring. The program runs on a Windows Mobile PDA or PDA/phone which can also run Pocket Coach, a task prompting program which can give verbal instructions on how to do something. It can also go through To Do lists.

The St Bernard Emergency Location Service can provide a safety net should someone gets lost. Just pressing a button can call someone on the integral mobile phone and also send them the details of where they are so that they can be directed or someone can come and find them.

People who are hearing impaired who would benefit from the overall functionality of i-Cue can be informed that the phone is ringing or that the doorbell has been rung by getting a message on a vibrating pager. Details of alarms or reminder messages etc can be sent in the same way. The user can control the system and appliances using a touch screen which can also show information relating to the status of the system.

When someone's physical disability prevents them using the normal controls of everyday items such as televisions or being able to open doors they often use Environmental Controllers. These are remote control devices that compensate for the users disability by providing alternative ways of interfacing with the device by using a head switch for example. i-Cue's Infra Red receivers can interface with these devices or there is a versatile touch screen interface so that users can use the extensive control and communication facilities of the i-Cue System.



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